Kathryn Riding is a voice and yoga teacher with over 30 years experience. She is a WAAPA graduate, and has taught at NIDA, WAAPA, QUT, Northern Rivers Conservatorium. She is also a regular Summersong teacher. She has trained with Pan Theatre in Paris, Donna Farhi, Alice Cummins... is a graduate of the Sydney Yoga Centre (with Eve Gryzbowski and Mardi Kendall) She is a poet and author of two books - Under My Skin (Flamingo) and Yoga for Body Mind Breath and Baby (ABC books).



Kathryn's classes are fun, releasing and energising, inviting us to re-connect with our spirit of play and encouraging us to tap into the vast natural creativity residing within.

"Kathryn’s classes are subtle, intelligent, enlivening and delightful – just like her." ~ Stephanie Dowrick, writer and teacher 

"Kathryn's workshops are magical. Through dance, movement and singing she freed creative energies I hadn't felt since I was a child. And then there is her yoga instruction! What bliss! I've had many yoga teachers but none who moved me to tears through their elegance. A refreshing, enlivening, yet peaceful experience. Seek her out where ever she teaches!" ~ Perrie Croshaw, journalist