Reflections on Improvisation

From my many years of training in the performing arts, I have had the good fortune to have worked with some inspirational teachers. My influences are quite broad ranging, and the improvisation work I teach is quite eclectic.

It would be true to say though that the InterPlay work that I have been practising for the past 7 years has provided me with the perfect container for all the performing arts skills that I so love teaching and sharing. 

What is InterPlay?
InterPlay is, in essence, improvisation using the modalities of voice, movement and storytelling.

Improviation was not one of my favourite subjects whilst I was at acting school. I always felt that there was an anxiety attached to it, a need to come up with a witty line - which didn’t feel very spontaneous at all! I never felt truly comfortable with it, and preferred classes that offered a more exploratory, methodical approach.

Ironically, I now adore improvisation, and can’t imagine life without it. 

I have taught InterPlay to aspiring actors in drama schools who have loved it. And I have taught InterPlay to people who have had no particular desire to perform at all, and they have loved it too! It is a very inclusive practise.

InterPlay is about interconnection - with the self, with the other, with the group. It is about play. It is about stillness and reflection. It is also about research into bodywisdom.

InterPlay works with various “forms”, some are movement based, some voice based, some based in storytelling - and some combining all three. As each class progresses, the forms are gradually learnt. The forms provide us with containers for research into bodywisdom. From this place of research we find the ease of spontaneity, the sheer delight of self expression, the empowerment of stillness and trusting our moment to moment impulses. 

InterPlay creates a community of shared wisdom where we all inspire each other.

InterPlay was created by inspirational teachers Cynthia Winton Henry and Phil Porter. They both have a passion for creating community through creativity. I am so grateful that they are in my life. 

In Australia, InterPlay is led by Trish Watts and Rod Pattenden. They are both mentors to me, and truly inspirational teacher artists.