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Reflections on Yoga

dance-4 It would be true to say that yoga is my rock. Yoga has provided on-going support for me for over 25 years. Through teaching the art of yoga I receive an exquisite sense of connection and community. Yoga has been there for me through the tough times, and continues to revitalize and inspire me every day.  

As Vanda Scaravelli says in her beautiful book, Awakening the Spine: “Why do we practise yoga? Because it is fun. It is a holiday for the body.” 

As BKS Iyengar says: “Yoga is a moving meditation.”

dance-4 Yoga is a deep practise. An invitation to journey within, to experience our inner spaciousness, our connection with the elements, our inner peace and joy. 

Practising yoga creates groundedness, lightness, suppleness, and freedom for the body. From my experience, the many gifts that yoga provides are a direct link to the body’s ability to self heal.
Through practising the asanas (postures), we raise our prana (life force), to higher levels. Practising yoga nourishes and strengthens every system in the body. The body experiences greater flexibility, balance, freedom and strength. 

Yoga is also an invitation to harmonise the body/mind. When we lose our connection with the body we can so easily feel disconnected, and ultimately dis-empowered. Allowing the mind’s awareness to harmonise with the body provides a wonderful sense of relief, a feeling of coming home - the empowerment of embodiment.  

Ultimately though, yoga is a journey to divine, to our higher consciousness, to oneoness. Yoga ignites the spark of divinity within us all. 

“Yoga creates heart energy. An upward lift to divine.” KR

I trained to become a yoga teacher with Eve Grzbowski and Mardi Kendall at the Sydney Yoga Centre, where I also taught. Their approach was eclectic and very nurturing, with Iyengar influences. Mardi and Eve are inspirational teachers who taught me to teach from the heart. 

I have completed an advanced teacher training with Donna Farhi, which was incredibly inspiring, her wisdom remains with me always. I have also studied yoga in India with some exceptionally knowledgable gurus.